The truth about 'K9'

wednesday 07 February 2018
#K9 #K-9
The truth what 'K9' and / or 'K-9' means ... and what it does not mean ...

What is K9 ?

The term "K9" or "K-9" is an abbreviation of the English and French word "CANINE" (which simply means "DOG"). 'CA' = 'K' and 'NINE' = '9' (the same as 'YOU TOO' = 'U2'). K9 or K-9 is therefore not a brand name, it is something like the word 'cola'. These words or abbreviations alone can not become trademarks because they are a description of the goods. With attachment they can be a brand: Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, River-Cola, K9-evolution, K9-wolf, K9-evo, etc.

The first use of the term 'K-9' dates back to 1942. In that year, the first military K-9 Corps was established by US Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson. Later in 1959, the word mark "K-9" was registered as a federal symbol at the US Trademark Office by the US Army. Since then the terms K-9 and / or K9 have been used internationally for dogs in general, service dogs and all kinds of working dogs.

There are even several cinema films and TV series about this popular theme: