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Are you looking for a dog bite pillow or bite sleevre or something like that? Your dog has too much energy? Bite pillows and bite sleeves are used to test and maintain the dog's natural instinct. This aims to train and test sport dogs, not to teach dogs to bite people. This is a very big misunderstanding which the society reproaches the dog sportsmen. Bite pillows can also be used as recreation for all kinds of pulling games, as a reward after outing the bite sleeve, as a full-bite improvement for the bite sleeve, etc. K9-evolution has a bite cushion for everyone. Our bite sleeves come in different hardnesses, from very young puppy to the adult Sport Dog or Service Dog. K9-evolution also has Ringport Leg Sleeves to learn to bite the dog in the 'leg'. In short, K9-evo is the right choice for all your bite pillows and suit work jute sleeves.

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